2-Before your next job interview…AVOID doing these 6 things….

Listen, I know you may be nervous and jittery about your next job interview, especially if it’s for an awesome opportunity you’ve been looking forward to. Whatever you do, please AVOID these six actions I’m about to discuss…if you have any hope of landing this job or career opportunity.

Avoid #2 – Dressing inappropriately for the interview, even if the interview is not in-person.
I was taking to one of the facilitators in the career workshop I attended about a year ago and she shared how one of her clients was interviewing a candidate through Skype. The candidate apparently asked to be excused for a moment to use the restroom during the interview. What the candidate seemed to forget that he only dressed for the Skype interview from the waist up. The candidate only had his underwear on from the waist down and forgot to close the computer or cover the camera as he went to the bathroom. He practically mooned the interviewers going to the bathroom. Needless to say, this candidate did not get the job opportunity, all because he did not dress properly. It sounds simple, but being aware and taking the appropriate action will always work out better for you in the long run.

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