5 Before your next job interview..AVOID these 6 things

Listen, I know you may be nervous and jittery about your next job interview, especially if it’s for an awesome opportunity you’ve been looking forward to. Whatever you do, please AVOID these six actions I’m about to discuss…if you have any hope of landing this job or career opportunity.

We are now on avoidance #5 of our 6 things to avoid before or during your next job interview….

Avoid #5 Being dismissive, ignoring or being unintentionally rude to the receptionist or front desk personnel at the company you are interviewing. The moment you enter the parking lot where the in-person interview is taking place…. the interview actually begins. Some companies start observing you the moment you are on their property. They may sometimes watch your interactions with people as you walk in and how you interact with the receptionists or front desk personnel. They also asked front desk personnel to provide feedback on each of their interviewees, so not paying attention to them or being unintentionally rude to them can harm your chances of getting the career or job opportunity.

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