Dear High School Grads…Do you want to live with your parents in your 30s and 40s? – Part 2

As much as your parents love you and genuinely want to help you….secretly they want you to be fully functional independent adult not dependent on them to provide things like food, clothes, shelter and other basic necessities for you. Some of you may have been raised in households that instilled your independence already. If you fit that description, then you have some of the tools to start working towards your financial independence. If you have no idea I am talking about or can’t relate in any way, then I wrote this piece especially for you.

6 Things you MUST DO to get and keep your economic independence soon after high school graduation. In the first part of the series, we talked about creating a career an economic plan for yourself for the next 10-15 years, so life doesn’t have to slap you around to learn to plan and execute. The first part of the series explored the importance of planning out your career and business path by WRITING THEM DOWN. If you didn’t get the opportunity to read the first part of the series, you can do so by clicking HERE. We are now going to dive into the 2nd thing you need to do to gain your career and economic independence from your parents….YAY!

2. Learn about how your personal credit works NOW before your credit ends up trapping you financially
This step in the 6-Part series is probably the most important, especially if you live in countries built like the USA economy, because of its dependence on CREDIT. If my current self could have told my 18-year old self about what I learned about credit in my adult years…my life would be dramatically different and for the better. Don’t get me wrong, life is great…but there are painfully EXPENSIVE lessons I could have avoided in the world of personal credit had I been armed with…I could have easily avoided. The information I am about to pass on to you will only be effective if you TAKE ACTION. To get the basic and comprehensive information about credit, look at adding the following resources to your collection below:


These two resources changed my entire holistic view and shattered the mystery of how credit works in the United States. They’re grown adults in their 40s and 50s still struggling with credit issues because they do not have a comprehensive understanding of how it all works. I can personally vouch for the positive impact these two resources had on my credit profile and score, once I took MASSIVE ACTION! As young adults graduating from high school, it’s important to learn about how your overall finances affect the stages of your credit. Once you utilize and begin the proper budgeting process as we talked about in Section 1 of this series, it will become evident that your expenses should never exceed your income, if it does, you have budgeting problems that needs fixing right away.

Keep in mind also that your personal credit affect your job and career search, your possible business ventures and your overall financial life. I’m not sure if you are aware that some companies will not hire viable and qualified candidates for certain positions if their credit score or credit report is too low or shows an irresponsible track record of payments without a reasonable documented explanation. I would also recommend you check out this FREE resource about how your credit works from the website.

I want you to have this in the forefront of your mind…you MUST take action to not only understand but implement the necessary strategies to assure you can have great credit and the benefits it can provide to opening up career and financial opportunities, while you are still young enough to capitalize on them.

In the 3rd part of the 6-Part Series, we will talk about having your career tools ready such as your resumes, cover letters, letters or recommendation and other tools for job/career opportunities you want or aspire to obtain. Keep in mind that if you are still struggling to figure out what your career path should be and you’re looking for a concrete, industry specific career plan specifically tailored to you…then check out this resource to get your comprehensive career plan in place quickly. I want to urge you to learn from my mistakes and the mistakes of others wishing they had the information and knew how to use it. Take advantage of the opportunity to conduct yourselves wisely in the your career and financial life now, while you have YOUTH on your side. As always, if you have questions on how to navigate these career and finances, please feel free email me at or stay connected on my social media links below.

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