Watch “Job interview got you tense? Do these 3 things to boost your confidence” on YouTube

Listen, I can remember my #firstjobinterview like it was yesterday! My mouth started getting dry, my armpits were wet & I was in an air-conditioned building…. The very thought of saying the wrong gave me the bubble guts 😣😣😷😷…not fun…but I got through it.

I want to spare you some of that debilitating nervousness that cause me to do all the wrong things & didn’t land me the job.

Don’t go into an #jobinterview unprepared…so watch this video to help you get rid of most of your nervousness 😄😊. Here’s the links to the resources mentioned in the video.

Self Directed Interview Preparation, go here.

One on One Interview Strategy Coaching Sessions, go here.

Career Discovery FREE Resource

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