Difficult Job Interview Questions & How to Respond Strategically – Part 3 of 4

I’m now presenting Part 3 of the 4 Part Series, Difficult Interview Question and How to Respond Strategically.

In Part 1, we addressed the question, ““Why should I hire you?”” and how to respond to get a positive feedback from the interviewer. You can check out Part 1 video here

Part 2 tackles the next difficult question, ““How do you handle deadlines?”“. Part 2 helps you to say strategic things to establish a better rapport with the employer #interviewing you. You can check out part 2 here.

Now, we are talking about the third difficult interview question where some people have been known to be dishonest…not a good idea. You will regret it later. You will get some golden nuggets on how to maneuver through this question honestly and intelligently.

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