Ramsey Solutions, Chris Hogan and a Federal Lawsuit?

What can we learn in this situation from an HR standpoint?

Here is the news article we discussed in the livestream regarding Chris Hogan’s departure from Ramsey Solutions and the federal lawsuit with another ex-employee currently taking place.

The implications being highlighted will be problematic for the organization, to say the least. Based on the article, Ramsey Solutions’ lawsuit is based on another ex-employee being terminated because she got pregnant due to pre-martial sex, which is against one of Ramsey Solutions’ organization rule.

This rule of premarital sex seems to lean into employee’s personal life. There are several red flags from an employment law standpoint regarding that rule. As human resources professionals always state, an employer’s handbook, policies and/or rules can help or damage an employer in these situations. Only time will tell how it will work out for Ramsey Solutions.

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