Never Had a Job? Here’s How to Get One

So, you’re one of those people who never had a job before. You’ve been in school, been a homemaker or doing volunteer work your entire life and now you’re out in the real world, ready to start working. Congratulations! But where do you start? It can be tough to know what the best way to find a job is when you’ve never done it before. Fear not – we’re here to help. Watch the video for my four tips on how to find a job even if you’ve never had one before.

So, you’ve never had a job before? No problem. We discussed the four things you can do to get started in your job search/career. First, make a list of the skills, knowledge and abilities (KSAs) you currently possess. Second, network with people you know personally who may be able to help you find a job. Third, look online for jobs that fit your skillset and interests. Finally, don’t give up if the first few jobs you apply for don’t work out – keep trying until you find the perfect position for you. And if all of this seems daunting, don’t worry – I’m here to help! Contact me directly for assistance creating or updating your resume so that you can start applying for jobs today.

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