Is Blac Chyna’s Transformation Real? How Will it Change her Career & Personal Brand?

In this article and video we discussed at length the background history, choices and ultimately the transformation from “Blac Chyna” aka Angela Renee White. We examine the authenticity of her spiritual transformation and what it means for her personal and career direction. Some of the questions we explored in this live video were: –

1. How was she may/may not have been socialized from a young age to commoditize her body?
2. Did her socialization really changed based on what we see her portraying right now?
3. Is this move truly genuine or is it possible business move, or perhaps a combination of both?
4. Do you still think she is commoditizing her body for profit but in a different way?
5. What can we learn from this in our own lives, businesses, etc?
6. How we can use her transformation to evaluate, change or implement our own personal development?

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