It the Audacity with Leadership for Me???

Article Discussed

1. Why would this employer think or even attempt to reach out and ask this employee they just terminated to cover their shifts for them?
This situation shows there’s clearly a lack of leadership and some level of stupidity running rampant in this situation. The leader who reached out to the terminated employee was clearly in a serious bind with holiday schedule and thought requesting a favor from the recently terminated employee would help their situation. WRONG!!!!!

2. What type of circus does this organization have representing them as leadership?
The leadership at this company is not properly trained nor are they making good decisions if they are getting terminated employees involved in their shift shortage. There are several ways those issues could have been resolved without reaching out to an employee they just involuntarily terminated.

3. Do you think this leader needs leadership training or their head examined?
An equal combination of both is needed for this specific leader when he thought it was an excellent idea to reach out to a terminated employee to cover holiday shifts they did not adequately plan to cover. This situation boils down to poor leadership and poor decisions that yielded these type of results.

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