What is “Loud Quitting” Anyway?

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So what does “loud quitting” means and how it can affect you as a career driven individual?

Loud quitting” refers to a dramatic and often public departure from a job or organization. Instead of resigning quietly or privately, an individual who “loud quits” makes a conspicuous exit, often detailing their grievances or reasons for leaving in a manner that gains significant attention. This can be achieved through a variety of platforms, such as social media, company-wide emails, or even public events. The motivations behind loud quitting can range from genuine frustrations and the desire to expose wrongdoing to seeking personal attention or attempting to make a broader statement. While it can bring light to legitimate issues, it also risks being perceived as unprofessional or impulsive.

Is it a job market trend that career driven individuals should gravitate to?
If you are going to “loud quit” your job, please have a concrete plan. If you are planning to keep your employer and its leadership accountable for some of the negative aspects of the company and they’re not receptive, your actions could backfire quickly.

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