Tesla: Is It A Progressive Employer?

We discussed the current news articles being written about Tesla and the treatment of their employees.

1. What can we learn from what is being written?
As the discussion about Tesla’s EEOC charges went on, it becomes apparent that their leadership allowed the racist and discriminatory behavior for eight (8) years or more. Based on the article, it is showing that this pervasive behavior towards black employees is not isolated, it’s Tesla’s reputation. From some of the feedback during the live video, this is not the first time Tesla received discriminatory charges but it is the first time the EEOC leadership has filed another charge in September 2023. As a career coach, I advise my career professionals to avoid problematic employers who

2. Would you consider them a progressive employer based on the information presented?
3. What can career professionals like ourselves need to do to alleviate issues with employers that are not progressive?

Progressive employers treat their employees, their human resources well because they are valuable. The mere fact that this #hostileworkenvironment went on for more than 8 years is repulsive to me as an HR professional!

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