The Surprising Truth About Employers and Remote Work

We will watch and review a company’s remote work policy and their strong sense of openness and collaboration.

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Why are some employers implementing return to the office mandates?
In 2023, some employers are implementing return-to-office mandates for a variety of reasons. One key factor is the belief that in-person interactions foster better collaboration and creativity among employees. Being physically present in the same space can enhance teamwork, communication, and the spontaneous exchange of ideas that are often less effective in a virtual environment. Finally, for some businesses, especially those that have invested heavily in physical office spaces, utilizing these resources to their full potential is a financial imperative.

Does the return-to-work mandates from employers show the lack of confidence in the employees or their own lack of skills to manage their employees remotely?
The imposition of return-to-office mandates by some employers in 2023 has sparked adverse reactions, primarily stemming from perceptions of a lack of trust and inadequate remote management skills. Employees often view these mandates as a signal that employers lack confidence in their ability to work effectively outside the traditional office environment.

This perspective can lead to diminished employee morale and a sense of being undervalued or mistrusted. Furthermore, these mandates can highlight potential deficiencies in leadership skills, particularly in managing remote teams. The reason this specific employer, JM Smuckers stands out as an outstanding employer is due to them deliberately working to foster a business environment that both in-office and remote teams flourish within a collaborative and transparent way.

The transition to remote work necessitated the development of new management techniques and communication strategies, and a forced return to the office might suggest that some employers have not adapted to these changes. This situation can foster discontent among employees who have come to appreciate the flexibility and work-life balance offered by remote work, and who may feel that their needs and preferences are being overlooked in favor of a more traditional, but potentially outdated, work model.

What are some strategies that can be used to alleviate issues with your employer being anti-WFH?
To become more remote work-friendly in 2023’s job market, employers can implement two key strategies. First, investing in robust technology infrastructure is crucial. This means providing employees with the necessary tools and software to facilitate seamless communication, collaboration, and productivity from remote locations. It involves ensuring secure, reliable access to company networks and resources, as well as adopting platforms that enable efficient project management and team interaction.

Second, employers should focus on developing a strong remote work culture. This involves training managers in the nuances of leading virtual teams, emphasizing trust and autonomy over micromanagement. Regular virtual team-building activities and open channels of communication can help maintain a sense of community and belonging among remote employees. Additionally, recognizing and accommodating the diverse needs of remote workers, such as flexible working hours and support for home office setups, can further enhance the remote work experience and show a commitment to employee well-being.

After examining how employers like JM Smuckers approaches their remote workers with openness and flexibility, it shows they care about their employees and the success of their business. They have tapped in and invested in their most valuable resource, their human resources. It is already paying off for this employer with longer retention and other tangible benefits.

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