4-Before your next job interview…AVOID doing these 6 things….

Awesome Folks! This is the fourth installment of the Job Interview series…of Things to AVOID before and during your job interviews…..if you have any hope of landing this job or career opportunity, please keep reading…

Avoid #4 Attending the interview without knowledge about the company, you are being interviewed by and their overall impact on your future professional relationship.
There is nothing worse than attending the interview unprepared. It looks bad on you and it will cost you the job or career opportunity. There are way too many tools on the internet and some social engineering you can do to avoid not doing your research. If you’re not sure what to look for or where to start with your research, I recommend looking into interview help audio series which provide specific guidance on how to execute this portion of your interview process, LIKE A BOSS!

Need additional in-depth resources to help you with your next career/job interview? Schedule an interview coaching session to obtain the “industry specific” strategy and tools to DOMINATE in your next interview or if you’re truly motivated and move at your own pace, find this resource helpful.

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