How to Increase Your Pay Through Effective Salary Negotiations

Negotiating salary can be a daunting task for many job seekers, but it is an essential part of the job search process. Salary negotiation is an opportunity for you to advocate for your worth and ensure that you are being paid fairly for your skills and experience. In this blog post, I will provide three recommendations to increase your success with salary negotiations after an interview.

I just wanted to also mention that keeping the conversation about salary negotiation, I wanted to provide you with an additional resource from the live show I was honored to be interviewed by Ms. Cheree from “Black Women Making Money” youtube channel, you can find that live show here. I shared some intricately valuable resources to make your salary negotiation easier. You can also check out Ms. Cheree’s “Black Women Making Money” YouTube channel here.

Now let’s dive into today’s blog talking about three (3) recommendations when going into salary negotiations right after your job interview.

Research the Market Rate for Your Role

Before entering into salary negotiations, it’s important to have an understanding of the market rate for your role and location. This information can be found through online resources such as Glassdoor, PayScale, and LinkedIn Salary. By researching the market rate, you will be able to determine a realistic salary range that you can use as a basis for your negotiation.

It’s also important to take into consideration your level of experience and education, as well as any additional skills or certifications you bring to the table. By having a clear understanding of your value in the marketplace, you will be better equipped to negotiate a fair salary.

Practice Your Negotiation Skills

Negotiation is a skill that can be learned and improved upon with practice. One way to improve your negotiation skills is by role-playing with a friend or family member. In this scenario, you can practice your negotiation skills in a safe and supportive environment.

It’s also important to be confident and assertive during the negotiation process. You can demonstrate your confidence by maintaining eye contact, speaking clearly and confidently, and providing evidence to support your request for a higher salary. Remember that negotiation is a conversation, not a confrontation. Your goal is to find a mutually beneficial solution that works for both you and the employer.

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Consider Alternative Forms of Compensation

Salary negotiations don’t always have to revolve around base salary. There are often other forms of compensation that can be negotiated, such as bonuses, stock options, or additional vacation days. If the employer is unable to meet your salary request, consider asking for these additional perks instead.

It’s also important to remember that salary negotiations are not just about the money. You can also negotiate for professional development opportunities, flexible work arrangements, or other benefits that are important to you.

In conclusion, negotiating salary can be a nerve-wracking experience, but it’s an essential part of the job search process. By researching the market rate for your role, practicing your negotiation skills, and considering alternative forms of compensation, you can increase your chances of a successful salary negotiation. Remember to approach the negotiation process with confidence and professionalism, and you will be well on your way to securing a fair salary for your skills and experience.

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Transform Your Career for Time Freedom – 3 Business Systems to Get Your Time Back


Do you hate your job? Are you stuck in a rat race, day after day, with no end in sight? If so, it’s time to transform your career into a business. With time freedom, you can take back control of your life and finally achieve the work-life balance you’ve always wanted. Here are three (3) business system to create your time freedom.

1) Start by identifying what makes you unique. What skills or talents do you have that nobody else does? Once you know what sets you apart, you can start to think about how to monetize those skills.
2) Figure out what people are willing to pay for. Just because you’re great at something doesn’t mean that there’s a market for it. Do some research and find out if there is a need for your services and whether people are willing to pay for them.
3) Set some boundaries and create a schedule that works for you. One of the best things about owning your own business is being able to set your own hours. Make sure you take advantage of this and create a schedule that gives you the flexibility YOU need.
4) Take action! It can be tough getting started, but the key is just to do it! The more work you put in now, the easier it will be down the road.
5) Get support from others who have gone through (or are currently going through) the same thing! There’s nothing like having a tribe of people who understand exactly what you’re going through and can offer helpful advice along the way.

Become a Virtual Assistant with Your Current Career
You’re probably reading this because you’re considering becoming a virtual assistant. But what exactly is a virtual assistant, and what do they do? To put it simply, a virtual assistant is someone who provides administrative support to clients remotely. This can include anything from managing calendars and scheduling appointments to handling customer inquiries or even social media management. As a virtual assistant, you have the potential to transform your career into your own business with time freedom. What’s not to love about being your own boss and setting your own hours? If you’re organized, detail-oriented, and good at multitasking, becoming a virtual assistant may be the perfect career move for you. So what are you waiting for? Start your journey to become a virtual assistant today!

Create a Curriculum to Sell Online
Transform your career into a business by creating a curriculum to sell online. What could be more gratifying than being your own boss, making your own schedule, and having the freedom to work from anywhere in the world? The barriers to entry are low and the potential for earnings is high. All you need is a laptop, an internet connection, and a willingness to put in the work. What are you waiting for? Start building your curriculum today!

Become a Consultant in Your Chosen Field
Being a consultant is one of the best ways to achieve time freedom in your career. As a consultant, you can be your own boss and work from anywhere in the world. Plus, you can set your own hours and rates. But becoming a successful consultant requires more than just having expertise in your field. To be successful, you need to be able to market yourself effectively and build a client base. You also need to be able to manage your time and keep up with your workload. But if you’re willing to put in the hard work, becoming a consultant can be a great way to transform your career into a business. So if you’re looking for more freedom in your career, consider becoming a consultant. It could be the best decision you ever make.

If you want to make the jump from working for someone else to becoming your own boss, it’s not as hard as you might think. You can start by turning your career into a business with time freedom. This doesn’t mean quitting your job and starting something completely new; it means making small changes that will help you work smarter, not harder. I hope these tips have given you some ideas on how to get started. Need additional help, connect with me here. I would love to hear about your journey in creating a successful online business.

Risks of Overemployment!

If you’re like me, the idea of overemployed is pretty appealing. It would mean I could work from anywhere I want and never have to worry about finding a new job again. But before you quit your day job to start applying for your dream position, there are a few things you should consider. Being overemployed can be risky, especially if one of them is your main source of income. Here are a few things to keep in mind before make the switch.

#1 If one or both employers find out you are overemployed
What should you do if your boss finds out you have a second job? What if they discover you’ve been working remotely for another company? The first thing to do is stay calm. There’s no need to panic or make any rash decisions. If your boss asks you about it, be honest and open with them. Explain that you’re passionate about your work and that you’re looking for ways to challenge yourself. You may also want to mention that you’re doing it for the extra income. If your boss is okay with it, great! If not, you may need to choose between the two jobs. Ultimately, it’s up to you which job is more important to you. But if you can find a way to keep both, that’s even better!

#2 Check for Non-Compete Agreements
If you’re thinking about taking on a remote job, there’s one potential pitfall you’ll want to avoid: non-compete agreements. What are non-compete agreements? They’re basically contracts that prevent you from working for a competitor of your current employer. And if you have one, it could limit your ability to take on a new remote job.

So how can you tell if you have a non-compete agreement? The best way is to check your employment contract. If it includes language about not working for a competitor, then you have a non-compete agreement. Alternatively, you can ask your employer directly. They should be able to tell you if you’re bound by a non-compete agreement or not.

If you do have a non-compete agreement, that doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t take on a remote job. However, you’ll need to be careful about which job you choose. Make sure that the company you’re considering is not in direct competition with your current employer. Otherwise, you could find yourself in violation of your contract.

Bottom line: if you’re thinking about getting a remote job, take the time to check for non-compete agreements.

#3 If the employer(s) find out about your overemployment…just be honest
So, you’ve been caught with your hand in the cookie jar – or, more accurately, with two remote jobs. What should you do?
First, take a deep breath. It’s not the end of the world. You can handle this. Next, sit down with your employer and explain the situation honestly. They may be understanding and give you some leeway. Or they may not be happy about it, but as long as you’re upfront with them, they’ll respect your honesty. Finally, depending on your employer’s reaction, you may need to choose between your two jobs. If they’re both great opportunities, it’s up to you to decide which one you want to keep. But if one is clearly better than the other, maybe it’s time to cut your losses and focus on the job that’s a better fit for you.

#4 Keep Your Overemployed Status to Yourself
If you’re working two remote jobs, there’s no need to tell your coworkers. In fact, it’s probably best to keep it a secret. Here are a few reasons why: First, you’ll be able to get twice as much work done if your coworkers aren’t constantly coming to you with questions or distractions. Second, you’ll be able to focus better if you’re not worrying about what your coworkers think of you. And finally, if word gets out that you’re working two jobs, you may find yourself in the position of having to justify why you’re doing it. So save yourself the hassle and keep your second job a secret. Your coworkers will thank you for it.

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StoryTime Career Series – Episode 2: Toxic Work Environment

This is second of the StoryTime Series on my podcast and YouTube channel sharing stories of all of our experiences in the world of careers, jobs, contract work, independent consulting and business interactions. In the second episode, I share one of my experiences while working in a toxic environment. The names, dates and other information were kept confidential to protect the innocent or guilty party.

The objective is the learn and grow from our professional and personal experiences to become a better version of ourselves, professionally. This particular story hits home and taught me so much about myself and the level of restraint I earned during that time. If it wasn’t for a great friend talking me off the proverbial ledge on a weekly basis, I probably would have been arrested for physical assaults and verbal altercations. The tension was thick and my stress level went through the roof! I am grateful to have survived it without loosing my composure.

What did I learn from this experience?

I learned that people and their preconceived notions are so strong, it allowed them to spread malicious lies about other people’s character. Keep in mind, they never took the time to get to know the individual but somehow felt entitled to assume things about people. Needless to say, the very sword those people intended to injury others, they ended up falling the same swords.

I learned corporations set up “certain people” for failure. For example, training some employees on the 25% – 30% of their duties while training other employees on 90% of their duties. They followed up by measuring each employee’s job performance without the same level of detailed training. So the employee with 30% of the training will never perform at the level of the employee that received 90% of the training. When questioned about why the training levels are different when the expectation of performance is the same, you receive responses like “training is a privilege“.

I learned that we all have a choice with the work environment we choose to spend our time. In my case, this employer terminated me for job performance, when I received less than 50% of the necessary training to be successful. It was the second termination from a job that I felt relief! The relief of not ever setting foot in that toxic environment.

If you find yourself having to self-talk your way into the doors of your job every morning…just so you don’t want the entire place to explode while you’re on a lunch break…It’s time to get a concrete career plan specifically tailored to you leaving that toxic environment for GOOD! Start by grabbing my eBook, “From Clueless Teenager to Consummate Professional”, 7 Steps to Cultivating the Career and Economic Life You Want here. It will help you cultivate your exit plan and career strategy. While you’re at it, grab my FREE DREAM Career Guide specifically formulated to help you document your Career Strategy step by step.

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Career ReVamp 4.2 – The Corporate Employee (Wrap-Up)

In the final part of the Career ReVamp Series, the integral parts of making the career transition and all the tools needed to make it easier. We know that changing careers, even if it needs to be done by force, is a process…not a sprint! Each parts of the process must be implemented strategically to increase your chances of a successful transition.

1. Career Tools Needed for the ReVamp

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In Part 1 titled, Know Where You Are Now gives you a place to start. You have to where you are now.

In Part 2 titled, Putting Your Plan Together, helps you assess and document your skills, knowledge base, qualification and your overall professional persona. You should also document how to showcase what you have to offer will benefit your new career venture.

In Part 3.1, titled Entrepreneurial Track, you can use your knowledge base to start a viable business. This episode of the series reviews some aspects of business start-up activities.

Part 3.2 titled The Career Track goes into more detail about how to approach your career change choices. It provides an overview of the what you need to do when you change your career.

In Part 4.1 titled The Business Owner Path provided detailed steps to functional entrepreneurship and the specific steps you will need establish your next successful business as your new career venture.

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Get Your Career Transition Moving!

There are no shortage of people who HATE their current job. Monday mornings are cringe worthy for many…Is it that you hate the job or industry? Are you looking to change your career path or just establish one? Do you want to change your career path from employee to entrepreneur? If anyone of these #career change situations apply to you? Start you transition with these three (3) actions.

Action #1: Create a career transition plan (Check out my resource here.)

Action #2: Understand and document what do NOT want in your next career venture. Write it down!

Action #3: Begin NETWORKING (online & offline)

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Negotiating Factors other than salary for Job Offers

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Bet on Yourself, Professionally

Don’t be fearful of new opportunities that knock you out of your “comfort zone”. In this market climate where technology driven changes ultimately affect almost every industry directly or indirectly, you must step out on faith and BET ON YOURSELF!

Long gone are the days where people remain employed to the same company for 20, 30 or even 40 years….so believing in yourself, knowledge, skills and abilities may end up leading to unexpected opportunities for growth and working independently.

Be bold enough to step out on your own before it becomes a necessity versus a choice. You may end up venturing into entrepreneurship, sales or consulting based on what is going on in your industry.

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Market Yourself Well…You’re Worth It

You are your best advocate for your career and negotiating your worth in the marketplace whether you are looking for a new job/career or providing services or products to a new client.

If you want to understand the mindset, positioning and posture necessary to negotiate your professional worth well, schedule your interview coaching session here.

Never allow anyone to dictate your worth when you understand and communicate the market value you bring to the table. Show confidence when negotiating your salary, rates or other fringe benefits, it serves the other party notice to take you seriously.

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Sometimes, They choose another candidate…KEEP GOING!

In your career process, you go through the necessary steps of applying for jobs, getting called or email about the interview #1, then interview #2…then you wait…..and wait…..and wait….only to get the email or the call that they went with another candidate.

It happens to all job seekers and it’s part of the job search process. Not every job you #interview for belongs to you. This is the reason I encourage all of you to treat your job search efforts like entrepreneurs treat their lead generation process….just go through the numbers. Don’t take it personal, it is truly just business.

With the numbers game #mindset…you will have so many applications submitted, interviews being setup to attend, you will not have time to focus on the job you didn’t get. Just keep going and run through the number until you get the career opportunity you truly want.

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